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Snow White was poisoned with an apple from the wicked queen, who was disguised as an old woman. While the seven dwarfs saw this, they fight the old woman and become victorious, resulting to her doom, thus making a extremely heavy boulder to fall on her by a massive lightning bolt, crushing her to death.

Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) was poisoned by a witch who cast a spell on her. When Aurora pricked her finger on a spinning wheel, it sent her into a deep sleep. While Prince Phillip wakes her up (after impaling the same witch in dragon form with his sharp blade, using the power of the three fairies).

The same witch appeared twice in Kingdom Hearts (and its sequel) (for PlayStation 2). In Kingdom Hearts, Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) was kidnapped and taken to Hollow Bastian by a witch (along with Kairi, Sora's love interest) who turned Riku into a badass villain. In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku soon saw the light and became Sora's powerful ally against a witch (who later recruited Pete).

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Q: Who are the princess or princesses that were poisoned?
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