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Victoria Justice's mom is Serene Justice.

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serene justice

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Q: Who is Victoria justices mom?
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Does Victoria Justices have a picture of her mom?

yes on goggle images

What are Victoria justices fans called?

Victoria justices fans

What is Victoria Justices favourite thing to do?


Who is Victoria justices boyfirend?

Ryan Rottman is Victoria Justice's current boyfriend.

What year was Victoria justices birthday in?

Victoria Justice was born in 1993 on February 19th.

What is Victoria Justices favorite boy name?


What Victoria Justices first song?

Make it Shine

What is Victoria Justices real email?

What is Victoria Justices youtube account called?

It is victoriajustice4all

What is Victoria Justices favourite movie?

victorious zoey101

What is Victoria Justices off screne name?

Victoria Justice. That is her only name, her real name.

What is Victoria Justice off screen name?

Victoria Justices off screen nickname is vicky