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Q: Why do some people say Romford is in Essex when they know it's not?
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Are people from Essex londoners?

Essex is a county on the northeast borders of London and some people from east and northeast London have moved to Essex.

Where about in Essex is the only way is Essex set?

brentwood is where most of it is filmed but some if filed in other place in essex but i dont know but nearly every episod is in brent wood :D

What is Romford in London like to live in?

It's a very urban part of London, tho there are some great parks in the vicinity. Transport links aint bad. It has the biggest shopping centre in east London. Crime can be a problem in Central & inner Romford. All in all, i guess Romford is an ok place, it's not the best, but it certainly aint the worst.

Are the people in the only way is Essex together in real life?

Yes, everything is real but some things they do on the programme is set up.

Is Essex part of London?

Some places in northeast and east London still have Essex as part of their postal address because they used to be in the county of Essex but are now part of Greater London. However, Essex as a county still exists and is one of the six counties surrounding London.

What is the theme in the poem American Hero by Essex Hemphill?

there are two themes to this poem. first "everyone loves a baseball hero" and second is "some people can still be racist to black people"

Why is Essex so famous?

Possibly because us Essex girls aren't meant to be the brightest bulbs, and also because there was some famous witch-hunter from here in the 17th(?) century. Most probably the Essex girls

What are some good fake words?

Reem; from the only way is Essex!

When was Some People Never Know created?

Some People Never Know was created in 1971.

Some people produce it and sell. some people buy it for others but it is not a gift. some people have it but dont know they have it. what is it?


Why do some people dislike Facebook?

Some people dislike facebook because they are stalked by people that they do not know.

What has the author Hervey Benham written?

Hervey Benham has written: 'Some Essex water mills'