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The feast at the Cornucopia, while dangerous, could supply each team district with a much needed supply. At the Cornucopia, there was a backpack with each remaining district number on it. In District 12's was the medicine needed to heal Peeta's leg, which is why Katniss wanted to go to the Feast.

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So she can get medicine for Peeta's leg. Hope this helped (:

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Q: Why does Katniss want to go to the feast?
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Who saved katniss life at the feast?

Thresh saved Katniss at the feast.

Why does katniss drug Peeta before going to the feast?

In the book, Katniss recieves a sponsor gift containing sleeping syrup. She dumps the syrup into Peeta's soup and causes him to fall asleep while she goes to the feast. In the movie, Katniss goes while Peeta is sleeping. She did not give him any sleeping syrup. He fell asleep naturally, and she left to go to the feast.

What does katniss decide about going to the feast?

She accepts

How does haymitch help katniss get to the feast?

she eats his face off

What did Haymitch Abernathy send Peeta Mellark so Katniss can go to the feast?

Sleep syrup, but this was in the book only. In the film, Katniss just got up and left when Peeta was sound asleep

Where did katniss mom and sister watch the feast?

There Home, On A Projector Screen!

Why doesn't romeo want everybody to go to the feast?

He is ok with the others going to the feast; he just doesn't want to go himself. He has misgivings; as Han Solo might say, he has "a bad feeling about this."

Why did Haymitch Abernathy send a feast to Peeta and Katniss?

Because she kisses Peeta.(New Person)Haymitch sends Katniss broth because that's his only way to communicate with her and at first when she kissed Peeta the kiss lasted like a second and in the note that is sent with theparachuteit says 'You call that a kiss sweetheart?'.-Abby

What do katniss have to do to get the medicine for Peeta's arm?

She goes to the "feast" in the arena, and grabs the backpack with medicine in it.

How does katniss feel about the feast at the cornucopia?

She doesn't like it but she goes to save Peeta's life

Did Katniss get hurt at the feast at the cornucopia?

Yes. she got a big cut on her forehead from Clove's knife.

What does Peeta tell Katniss she isn't good at?

Peeta tells Katniss that she is not good at lying. He is proven wrong when he is later tricked by Katniss into consuming the sleeping syrup when she tells him it's a mix of sugar berries. He is also duped by Katniss because he thinks her feelings for him are real. He realizes after the Games, that she was only pretending.