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Because Morgan Freeman doesn't waste his amazing time and voice speaking for a piece of rubbish called siri.

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Q: Why hasn't apple made a Morgan freeman siri?
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How many movies has Morgan freeman appeared in?

I am responding to a comment made about Morgan Freeman, He was not on sesame street, he the on a show called the electric company, which was a show on for kids a little bit older and it was usually on right after sesame street.

Did Morgan Freeman die in Glory?

YES ... Its sad though remember as they made it to the top of the hill they were aimed at by confederate Calvary and more reinforcement confederate soldiers were waiting ... and boom ... end .

What was Morgan freeman's name on sesame street?

He did not apear on Sesame Street, but he does appeared on "The Electric Company", (same production, Children Television Workshop CTP) and he made characters named: Mark, Easy Reader, Mel Mounds, Count Dracula, Mad Scientist, The Cop and Marcello.

What made jp Morgan famous?

J.P. Morgan purchased Carnegie Steel and formed USSC (United States Steel Corporation). He was also a banker and financier (J.P. Morgan Chase) and art collector.

Was Morgan Freeman in the movie close encounters of the third kind?

The short answer is Yes,... Freeman was the AC controller and he played it spot on. He was back lit properly against the screens, had the terminology and technology down pat. ie when he requested the raw radar. But most importantly he had the voice exactly right. I had an opportunity to watch the movie again several months ago. Absolutely, that is how it would have played out in an AC Center. Freeman's short performance literally made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I truly wish I could have the opportunity to tell him how good his performance was. Another Answer: Actually, Morgan Freeman did not appear in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, though the actor playing the air traffic controller does resemble him. According to the IMDb website, the parts of the AT controllers were played by David Anderson, Richard L. Hawkins, Craig Shreeve, and Bill Thurman.

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