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the radiator itself no but the coolant that it carries has distinct odor Any paint on the new part could smell.

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Q: Would a new radiator smell
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Why would you have a gas smell in your radiator?

because it broke

Carbon monoxide smell from radiator?

Carbon monoxide has no smell.

What caused your new radiator to leak?

If the radiator was not fitted in properly or the pipes were not attached correctly, the radiator would leak.

Smell of antifreeze but radiator is full?

The smell of antifreeze is very strong and distinct, it does not take much of a leak to smell it. The radiator could still be full and have a small leak. I would check for antifreeze dripping onto the exhaust or on the engine block because when it is hot the smell is much more noticeable from the fumes.

What if coolant leaks when car is parked and radiator still has fluid where and why would it be leaking also what if you can smell it through the car while driving with out heat or AC on?

I would check the radiator coolant bottle for cracks and inspect any hoses to bottle.

How do you repair your radiator in a 92 Honda civic?

Pull it out, take it to a radiator shop and have them do it. Or what I would do , is just replace it with a new aftermakret one.

Why would a top radiator hose on a 5.0 ford suck shut?

You need a need radiator cap. you need a new hose

What radiator should you buy for a 1970 charger?

It all depends on what size engine you have in it, if you have a 383 or larger I would get a 3 or 4 core radiator, a radiator shop can use your old radiator tanks and build you a new radiator pretty cheap.

Nissan 200sx radiator?

install a new radiator

How do you repair the neck of the radiator where upper hose attaches on '93 Saturn sl2?

The plastic tank on the side of the radiator can be replaced but it would be quicker and cheaper to just install a new radiator.

What would cause a Radiator leak and a bad smell in the cab of 1997 ford f 250 pickup?

Coolant leak? Check your heater core.

What would make hot water leak under car?

misplaced radiator cap - buy a new onecross threaded radiator cap - take off and put on properlyhole in radiator - drain the radiator of coolant, solder the hole closed, refill the radiator.worn-out water pump - buy and install a new or rebuilt one.hole in radiator hose - buy and install a new one.

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