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Yes, all motion is relative. The question "is this object moving?" is in fact meaningless unless we specify "moving relative to what other object". Similarly, there is no such thing as "absolute rest": it's just as true to say that the road is moving at 50 km/h relative to your car as it is to say that your car is moving at 50 km/h relative to the road.

Einstein reputedly said: "what time does Oxford arrive at this train".

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Q: All motion is relative
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All motion is relative to what?

all motion is relative to something

What is motion relative to?

In essence, all motion is relative to something. In genereal, motion is relative to the earth, but it depends on what context you are looking for.

What is all motion relative to?

All motion is relative to yourself, as there is no fixed point anywhere in our universe, as it is all traveling away from the center of the big bang. But if we ever find where the bigbang happened, that would be where all motion is relative to

What is the definition of the word relative motion?

Relative motion is the concept that the motion of all objects is relative to other objects. If you are sitting still right now you are not moving relative to the earth, however you are moving relative to sun.

When we can say the object is in motion?

When its position is changing relative to our position. Note: all motion is relative to something else.

Does friction oppose motion or relative motion of surface in contact?

Relative motion

Is motion is relative?

relative motion is predominantly horizontal (fault)

Why is it important to use a reference point when describing motion?

Because there is no such thing as 'real' motion. All motion is relative to something.

Motion relative to observers frame of?

Motion is relative to an observer's frame of Reference.

Is motion relative or absolute?

motion is realtive

A body which is in both rest and motion?

At rest and in motion are relative terms. When we say 'in motion' or 'at rest' we mean relative to something else. If you were travelling in a car for instance, you would be at rest relative to the car but in motion relative to the outside world.

All motion is relative to a frame of referenceWhat is the frame of reference for a sunset?

the earth

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