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Q: Describe the process by which two monosaccharides join together?
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What is the name of the molecule lost when two monosaccharides join together?

A molecule of water is lost during the process of dehydration synthesis, which binds two monosaccharides together.

What is name when we have two monosaccharides?

A disaccharide results when two monosaccharides join together.

What functional group links to monosaccharides in a disaccharide?

It is dehydration synthesis. Basically it is a process in which a molecule of water is removed from the reactant to join reactants together.

What is the reaction that joins monosaccharides?

A Condensation Reaction would Join two (or more) Monosaccharides together!But to break Monosaccharides (which were already joined together) a Hydrolysis Reaction must take place.

What is the name of the molecule formed when two monosaccharides join together?


Why does dehydration synthesis occur?

Dehydration synthesis is the process where water is removed from a cell for the purpose of joining two cells together. It is often used to join two monosaccharides into a disaccharide.

What process do the sex cell of plants join together?

During what process do the sex cells of plants join together?

What is the Monosaccharides join to become a polysaccharide through a chemical reaction?

Monosaccharides join to become a polysaccharide through a chemical reaction called dehydration synthesis.

The process by which the egg and sperm join together?


What is the process called when atoms join together?


The process in which two sex cells join together?


When pollen and seeds join together what is the process called?


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