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Does a swindler give back money stolen

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Q: Do oil companies give back to the community?
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How is petrol delivered?

first of all there are oil tankers which go in2 the sea to retrieve the oils formed deep under the ocean bed... then they recover the oils carry it back 2 shore n then they give it to diff oil companies then those oil companies distil n purifu that oil into difff forms like pertole etc... then they deliver it 2 diff places

What are some examples of factions today?

Oil Companies- give money to politicians and told them not to give to the government because they want to make money.

Who owns oil companies?

The stock holders own the oil companies.

What oil rig companies hire felons?

what oil field companies hire in texas

What are integrated oil companies?

The Companies which involves in all the stages of the oil i.e from oil exploration to the retailing stage are called as integrated oil companies....... If the ans is wrong , post a correct ans............

What are the top companies in Uzbekistan?

The top companies in Uzbekistan are oil companies.

Why do oil companies drill for oil?

Oil companies drill for oil so they can find oil and extract it from the ground. In doing so, they get a product they can sell to make money.

How do oil companies use science?

Oil Companies use science by burning oil, which is a chemical reaction and therefore is science. :D

Do oil companies use long-haul applications?

Oil companies use long-haul applications

What companies offer oil change coupons?

Companies that offer oil change coupons are usually companies that charge a lot to change your oil. I know that Midus Muffler does the coupons sometimes.

What are the oil companies in Philippines?

The main oil companies in the Philippines are Caltex Petron Caltex And some other small companies like Flying V

Why are oil companies interested in antarctica?

Oil companies are interested in Antarctica because, Antarctica has a lot of coal under it and most things in this world run on coal which is why oil companies are so desperate to get it.

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