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Blue light is of a higher energy than red light. That means that the fire with the blue light is hotter, as the fire must generally be hotter to generate the blue light. For example, in a gas flame, the blue, which is hottest, is in the middle, and any yellow, orange or red is around the outside.

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Q: Does blue fire mean it's the hottest or coldest or electric?
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Can an electric light and water cause a fire?

If they are put in contact with each other yes.

How hot does a fireplace get?

There are different temperatures at different parts of the fire. The hottest temperature in most wood fires are found in the red embers after the fire has been going for awhile. These temperatures are from 1200 degrees to 1500 degrees. However, since so much air is circulating around the fire, grates and other nearby object rarely exceed 1000 degrees.The gas fire probably burns at a lower temperature, with the grate also being the hottest part…around 1000 degrees. This is evident because the grates sometimes glow…and iron glows at approx 1000-1100 degrees F.The flue in both cases is usually quite cool, because of the air mixture. In colonial times, some flues were built from WOOD with a mud pack on the inside…. chances are that the normal flue temperature for such an open fire fall in the 250-400 degree range

What is importance of safety precautions needed in the use of electricity?

Safety precautions are neccessary. Incorrect use of electricity can cause electric shock and fire. Both are life threatening and a real risk.

What ways in which light energy is important in your life What sources of light do you use?

Well i use T.V bulbs Computer and i always sun bbaith in the sun i have a Nintendo Ds what gives away light a glow worm a electric bar fire and i also have a fire what gives away light lightening and expecially the stars.

Why was the light bulb necessary?

Earlier forms of lighting, such as gas lights, were expensive, dangerous and gave less light than the electric light. Gas lights could not be used in places with a fire or explosion hazard.

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What flame color is the hottest and what flame color is the coldest?

blue is the hottest and red is the coldest

When is fire at its hottest?

A blue color

How hot is a white flame?

Oh, as far as I know, white fire is the hottest, so that leaves it in 1st place, blue 2nd, and orange in 3rd. And orange fire is the coldest you'll ever find!

Can fire be blue?

Yes actually it can be. It's the second hottest fire.

What color fire is the hottest red or blue?


Is blue fire hotter then red fire?

Yes, when you loom at a fire, which color is closest to the fule of the fire is hottest

Is the hottest fire is red in color?

no it is the blue/purple part of the flame

What is the comparative and superlative of hot?

The comparative of hot is hotter.The superlative of hot is hottest.

How color of light is related with surface temperature?

Because,Blue is the hottest light/fire and Red is the less hottest light/fire the bluer the fire/light the hotter it is,The redder it gets,the less hotter it gets from the temperature.

Why is the blue roaring flame hotter?

actually, the hottest part of a fire IS the blue-green part!

Is fire orange?

Usually (and hopefully.) Fire is usually orange and yellow, sometimes red. And down at the bottom of the fire, where it's hottest, little bits of green and blue.

What is the coolest star color to the hottest?

The coolest star is red; then yellow; then blue. Like on a fire, the bottom of the fire is really hot so its blue. In the middle of a fire, its mostly yellow. Then, on top, it has a little flame of red. :p