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How quickly water evaporates does not depend on its density at all. If you added black coloring to water (maybe black ink for instance) and the water is exposed to sunlight, it might increase how quickly water evaporates because the black color would cause the water to heat up more, and then evaporate faster. If it wasn't exposed to sunlight, the color wouldn't make any difference though. What does affect how quickly water evaporates is the amount of dissolved ions in it. More ions dissolved lowers the vapor pressure, which reduces its tendency to boil or evaporate.

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Q: Does the color of water affects its evaporation because is more dense?
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The color of water does affect the evaporation rate because the red water is more dense then regular clear water.

Does the color of water affect it's evaporation?

yes it does because darker colors attract and conduct more heat to evaporate.

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