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Q: How is carborane superacid stored?
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What is the pH level of Carborane superacid?

According to Sam Kean, Carborane has a pH of -18 (see the Disappearing Spoon).

What is the molarity of carborane superacid?

18 400 000 moles. it is also 1 million times stronger than sulfuric acid

What acid is the strongest?

Carborane superacid or H(CHB11Cl11)icosahedrane core consisting of one carbon atom and eleven boron atom. Each boron atom is bonded to a chlorine atom and the whole cluster of boron, chlorine, and carbon atoms is paired with a proton, which is attached on the carbon.Carborane superacid is near 1000 times stronger than fluorosulfonic acid or FSO3H which is millions of times stronger than Sulfuric Acid or H2SO4.Fluoro - Antimonic SuperacidChemists have crated a superacid called fluoro - antimonic (flewer - ro - anti - mon - ic) acid with twenty thousand trillion (20,000,000,000,000,000,000) times the dissolving power of the most concentrated sulphuric acid.

What is an example of an superacid?


What is the pH of Carborane acid?


What is the world's most dangerous acid?

The world's most dangerous acid is Hydroflouric acid, which is actually classified as a weak acid, believe it or not. Perchloric acid gets my vote. No it isn't I thought it was carborane superacid. It was just discovered

What is th pH value of carborane acid?


Which is the second most reactive Superacid?

Magic acid is the second most reactive Superacid behind fluoroantimonic acid. It is a superacid consisting of a mixture of fluorosulfonic acid (HSO3F) and antimony pentafluoride (SbF5). The name refers to its ability to protonate hydrocarbons, vividly demonstrated when a postdoctoral associate in the lab of George A. Olah used it to dissolve a candle.

What is the strongest acid explain?

A carborane super acid is by far the strongest acid known to science.

Does carborane super acid burn skin?

No as it may be the worlds most strongest acid but it is not corosive or toxic

What are the side effects associated with using dandelion?

Considered safe in recommended doses. Possible allergic reaction, "superacid gastric complaints."

What does acidity look like?

Fluoroantimonic acid (HSbF6) is a mixture of hydrogen fluoride and antimony pentafluoride in various ratios. The 1:1 combination forms the strongest known superacid, which has been demonstrated to protonate even hydrocarbons to afford carbocations and H2.It has a syrupy consistency and dissolves pretty much everything. It can be stored in Teflon bottles.