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Circumference = Pi X Diameter; Pi (3.141590) x 66 = 207.3 In.

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1 foot = 12 inches so a table that is 6 ft long is 12*6 = 72 inches long.

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Q: How many inches is the circumference of a 66 inch wide table?
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How many inches is the circumference of an 8 inch circle?

The circumference of an 8 inch circle is: 25.13 inches(diameter x Pi = circumference).

How many inches around is a 60 inch table?

circumference = 2 times pi times r OR pi times d diameter = 60 inches pi = 2.1415927 circumference = 2.1415927 x 60 = 128.4956 inches (approximately 128 1/2 inches)

How many inches around is a 17 inch diameter circle?

circumference = 17pi inches

How many inches is the circumference of a circle with a 6 inch diameter?

(6 pi) inches.

How many linear INCHES in a 37 inch diameter circle?

I assume you want the circumference which is pi times the diameter, so for 37 inch diameter the circumference would be about 116.24 inches.

How many square inches in a 18 inch circle?

All depends what you mean by 18 inches, is that the circumference, the diameter or the radius

How many yards of fabric are needed for a 36 inch by 42 inch table?

If the table height is 29 inches standard then 96 inches is perfect fit which gives the drop up to the floor.

How many square inches in a 10 inch circle?

you have to quote the diameter or radius or circumference of the circle to calculate the area. If diameter 78.53. If radius 314.15. If circumference 7.95

How many inches is in a 7 circumference?

7 foot circumference X 12 inches/foot = 84 inches in circumference

When cutting a 70 inch round table cloth down to a 60 inch tablecloth how many inches do you cut off?

Since round table cloths are measured on the diameter, not the circumference, you would fold it in half twice, measure 30 inches from the center of the cloth, add 1 1/2 inches for the hem, and that is where you start your cut. You don't measure up from the bottom because you can't be sure if they added the hem before or after their measurement.

How many square inches in a 60 inch table?

Is the 60 inches measured diagonally from corner to corner (as is a TV screen)? If the 60 inches is the length, then what is the width? Length times by the width will give you the square measurement of the table.

How many square feet in a 36 inch round table?

If 36 inches is the diameter the answer is: 7,068 square feet.