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If the table height is 29 inches standard then 96 inches is perfect fit which gives the drop up to the floor.

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3 yards

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Q: How many yards of fabric are needed for a 36 inch by 42 inch table?
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How many centimeters are in 3.00 yards?

2.54 cm in a inch X 126 inch = 320.04

How many yards of concrete do you need for a 24' x 26' 4 inches thick?

for ,this we need to calculate the volume of concrete . volume of concrete = L x B Xh. =17 X 4 X24 . =1632 inch cube. Thus,1632 cubic inches concrete is needed for 17 inch by 24 inch by 4 inch deep .

In a Fabric or Cloth description What is t130 t150 t180 mean for?

When terms like - T130, T180, 210T, etc. are used to describe fabric, these numbers refer to the total thread count in the fabric PER SQUARE INCH. This helps determine the denseness of a fabric. For example, if two fabric are comprised of same size yarn, a T180 fabric will be more dense than a T130 fabric.

Which is more 2 yards or 71 inches?

The are both the same because 2 yards and 2 inches = 74 inches

1 lb per inch is equal to how much newtons per cm?

You mean pressure. That is never per inch or per cm. It needs to be square inches or square centimeters. 1 pound per square inch is 6894.757 newtons per square meter. Pound per inch is a measure of fabric strength. Normally any fabric when subjected to a strength test, a specific widteh is taken (normally 2") the fabric of t" width would give way at a particular load and this is expressed as fabric strength. SInce fabrics are soft and compressible, their trhickness measurement is dicey. and length measurement has no controversy about it. Unlike metals, where strength is measured as lb/square inch, fabri strength is always expressed per unit length.

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How many yards of fabric are needed to make a 70 inch round table cloth?

You need at least 4 yards of fabric to make a 70 inch round table cloth. Most people would use close to 6 yards to make the designs that they'd like to.

How many yards of fabric are needed to make a 90 by 156 inch table cloth?

90 by 156 will make how many yards of table cloth for a rectangular

How many yards of fabric do you need for a 54 inch square table cloth?

One and a half yards of 60 inch width fabric.

How much fabric is needed to make a 24 inch x 24 inch fabric table square?

4 square feet are needed

How many yards of fabric are needed to get 36-10x10 inch squares?

Before that can be answered there are couple of questions that need to be asked. Are the 10 x 10 inch squares the finished size or is that including a seam allowance? What is the width of your fabric?

How many yards of fabric are needed for a futon cover?

The average futon is five feet long. There are two sides, plus extra for the ends. This means that you will need at least 3 yards of 60 inch wide fabric for a small futon cover.

How many yards do I need for a 72 inch table cloth with a 12inch drop using a toile fabric?

1 yard = 36in 84in x 1yd/36in = 2.33333 or 2 1/3 yards

How many meters of fabric is needed for a 54 x 34 inch rectangular table?

1.4 metres x 0.9 metres approx

How many yards of fabric to cover a couch?

How many yards of fabric you will need to upholster an average chair will depend on the type of chair. A chair without a skirt covering the legs will need approximately five yards. A chair with a skirt will use about six yards of fabric.

How many yards of fabric to make a 72 diameter table cloth?

You don't say what shape of table. However, for a table cloth you need to measure the length and width of the table plus 12" overhang on each side. For example, if your table is rectangular 72" long and 30" wide you'll need fabric 96" long and 54" wide minimum (plus you'll need to add a little extra to allow for hemming; maybe another inch per side). In the event your table is round, you'll need enough fabric for 98" x 98" (hem allowance included).

How many yards of fabric are in a circle with 132 inch diameter?

Area of circle of 132 inch diameter = 13684*78 sq inches = 10.56 sq yards.

How many yards for a 70 inch round table cloth?

23 yards 1 foot