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Kilo means times 1000, mega means times 1,000,000. So 0.005 megahertz = 5000 Hz = 5 kiloHz. Hertz (not Herz) is abbreviated to Hz

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Q: How many kilohertz is .005 megaherz?
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30 HZ equals how many KHZ?

1 kilohertz=1000 hertz 30 hertz = .03 kilohertz

How many gigahertz is 750 kilohertz?

0.00075 gigahertz

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kilohertz kilohertz

How many 275.104 hz.khz?

There are 0.275104 kilohertz in 275.104 hz.

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A kilohertz is how many cycles per second?

Kilo means thousand, and hertz is the same as cycle per second. Therefore, a kilohertz is the same as 1000 cycles per second.

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