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It would have a negative charge. It would be a negative ion with a 2+ charge.

Remember: when an atom gains electrons they become NEGATIVE.

when an atom loses electrons they become POSITIVE.

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Oxygen will have a neutral charge with eight outer valence electrons.

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an oxygen atom gaining two electrons will be doubly negative charged: O2-.


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Q: If oxygen gains 2 electrons what charge will it have?
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What is the charge of lithium and oxygen?

When ionized : lithium is +1, Oxygen is -2.

What is a charge in an atom?

An atom can either have a positive or negative charge, and a charged atom is called an ion. If an atom loses an electron to another atom, it becomes a positive ion. If an atom gains an electron, it becomes a negative ion.

How are particles in oxygen arranged?

Ok the different types of particles are arranged differently. For the Electrons, Neutrons and Protons oxygen has 8 protons and 8 neutrons located inside the nucleus. It has 2 electrons in its inner orbital and 6 in its outer (valence) orbital. However oxygen is normally found as O2 where it has the same number of protons and neutrons per nuclei but has slightly different styled electrons oo oo o oo o o oo o oo oo This is a Lewis diagram of O2 it is sharing the 2 electrons (represented by o) located between them. For the oxygen atoms it is normally represented with a single bond of O-O The Ion is represent as O-2 normally where it is just like a normal Oxygen Atom but with a negative 2 charge because it has 2 extra electrons filling its valence orbital

How many bonding electrons does oxygen have?

The valence electrons are the electrons in the partially filled outermost shell (or shells).Simplified; Oxygen has the shells filled in the following way.1s22s22p4The 2s and 2p subshells make up the outer most shell for oxygen. In the 2p subshell, It is stable with 6 electrons but with oxygen only has 4. The subshell has 3 different orbitals which can contain 2 electrons in each. This means that 1 of the orbitals is completely full while the other two only have one electron. From this we can say that there are 2 bonding valence shell electrons. Because there is a possibility of having a total of 8 electrons in the 2nd shell, this means that there must be 4 electrons which are non bonding in oxygen's valence shell.

What elemnt has 2 Electrons Neutral Atoms?

The answerto that would be Helium.

Related questions

Do oxygen gain or lose electrons?

Oxygen is an oxidizer, it will gain electrons in a reaction to complete it's valence shell.

When an oxygen atom gains two electrons to become an oxygen ion what is the electric charge?

The resulting oxygen ion has a charge of -2.

If an oxygen atom gains two electrons to become an oxygen ion what is the electric charge?


How many electrons must the oxygen atom lose to be stable?

Oxygen wants to gain 2 electrons, so its charge would be 2-, because electrons have a negative charge.

If 2 electrons where added to oxygen atom what would be the charge?

All atoms have a neutral charge until they lose or gain electrons. Once they lose/gain electrons then they are considered ions. Gaining electrons- If atoms gain electrons then they are getting negatively charged particles making them have a negative charge. Losing electrons- If atoms lose electrons then they are losing a negative charge and they become a positively charged ion. Oxygen- Oxygen will have a negative charge before a positive charge because it needs only two electrons to have a stable valence level. For example, Oxygen will take the electrons from two Hydrogen atoms and make H20.

What is the charge on atom if it gains electrons?

Depends on how many electrons it gains. For every electron it gains, the atom becomes more negative. One electron gives it a -1 charge, 2 a -2 charge and so on

Describe in terms of electrons what happens when an oxygen atom forms an oxygen ion state the charge on the oxygen ion formed?

Oxygen, O. Oxygen is in Group 6. It has six electrons in its outer shell. It gains two electrons from one or two other atoms in reactions, forming an oxide ion, O 2-

Sulfur forms an ion of what charge?

2- Because, to get a full octet, Sulfur gains two electrons to become like Argon, thus it gains a charge of 2-.

What does the selected oxidation states number represent?

The Charge of the ion of that element. How many electrons it has lost or gained. Ex. Oxygen= the accepted oxidation number is -2 because it gains 2 electrons therefore its charge is negative Ex. Beryllium= the accepted oxidation number is +2 because it loses electrons therefore its charge is positive. I think

What number of electrons does an atom in the oxygen family usually gains or shares?


Are electrons in group 2 lost or gained?

They are lost. If it has a plus sign beside the ion charge, that means the atom loses electrons. But if it has a negative sign for the ion charge, that means that the atom gains electrons.

What overall charge does oxygen have?

Pure elements, O2 (the "2" because Oxygen is diatomic, meaning that in nature, it is two Oxygen atoms bound to each other), have a charge of 0. However, Oxygen generally forms a 2- ion when in a compound.