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Q: If you pick up and carry a piece of heavy furniture, which type of friction do you have with the floor?
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2 examples of sliding friction?

1) If you push an eraser across a desk, the eraser will move for a short distance and then stop. 2) When you move a heavy dresser by pushing it along the floor.

How many ways can you think of to move a large heavy box across the floor?

you can push pull slide drag lift use a cart some tools

Why is friction a hindrance?

It is a hindrance when : you fall over rough surfaces, trying to open rusty doors, sliding along a rough surface without stopping and it can sometimes make wearing tight clothes hard. These are just some example for when friction is a hindrance, can you tell us more?

Can you lay ceramic tiles on a wood floor if so what adhesive do we use?

Yes you can, but there are requirements & considerations. The sub floor must be solid, If you walk through the room & the dishes in the cupboard rattle, the floor is not solid enough... Total thickness should be at least 1 1/4 inches & solid!!! you also have to keep in mind how heavy Tile & thin-set are. a good size kitchen floor adds over a TON to your floor & the load the walls & foundation has to carry... If that floor is flexing, the tile is moving & well break, crack & crack the grout out... the wood should be clean & free of finishes & wax, a little roughness/ texture is even a good thing. The thin-set is mortar mixed with water and while the wood will soak up the water it will soon evaporate off & should not cause buckling.. lay out the floor with a chalk line & square from the center & work outward a few feet at a time and that keeps the humidity down too. Don't use adhesives on Ceramic tile, it is not as permanent as the tile & will not provide the "bed" to set the tile into...

Cleaning Your Laminate Floors?

Your laminate flooring makes a beautiful addition to your home and you need to maintain it in order to protect your investment. Clean your laminate flooring by using a dry mop, broom or vacuum cleaner to remove all the heavy dirt, dust and hair. Then use a steam mop or slightly damp cloth to clean and sanitize your floor and make it shine. Avoid using a traditional mop because this will leave too much water and cause your floor to swell and buckle. Avoid using any chemicals on your floor as this will destroy the floor's protective finish.

Related questions

What kind of friction opposes your push when you are unable to move a heavy piece of furniture across the floor?

kinetic friction

What is one example of the use sliding kinetic friction?

moving a heavy piece of furniture

Will epoxy floor coating protect from scratches?

Your best bet is to use moving pads when you move furniture. These pads come in a variety of sizes and shapes; they have a smooth plastic side that will not scratch your floors and a felt side that grips the bottom of the furniture leg. They also make sliding heavy furniture across a floor easy because they reduce friction.

What are examples of sliding friction?

Examples of SLIDING FRICTION is pushing a heavy rock in your path, or moving a box on the floor.

What are the examples of unhelpful friction?

it wears out the soles of shoes it produces heat vigorously

If you try to drag a heavy suitcase along the floor and the suitcase doesn't movewhich type of friction opposes the motion?

friction releases thermal energy and releases speed and efficiency.

Why it is easier to walk on a carpeted floor than on polished smooth surface?

1. It is easier to push a heavy object on a polished wooden because then the box will be easier to push across the floor.

How does friction help inertia?

without friction, there wouldn't really be any inertia. according to wikipedia, "Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest." For example, if you were trying to push a heavy box across the floor, the friction from the floor would prevent you from pushing it easily, and its inertia would also prevent it from moving. Basically, the friction is making it stick to the floor and not be able to move easily.

Why does it take more force to slid a heavy box across carpet that it does to slide it across a tiled floor?

The carpet provides more friction

What are furniture sliders used for?

Furniture sliders are basically used for easily moving heavy furniture. They are also used to protect floors while moving different types of furniture. Most types of furniture movers gently slide beneath a piece of furniture in more then one area on the bottom as you tilt the furniture and it glides gently across he floor with little or no effort.

Do sheep carry heavy loads?

Sometimes, in the old days, sheep would carry heavy loads.

What are some good uses for a truck?

Trucks can be used to carry heavy loads and pull down trees. They can also drag pop up campers and carry equipment to and from a job site. A truck can be used to move furniture or othere heavy equipment. A truck can also be used to travel rough terrain.