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some research suggest

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Q: Is it some research suggest or some research suggests?
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Does research suggest that having a healthy breakfast has no effect on a child's intellectual performance?

On the contrary, research suggests that having a healthy breakfast contributes positively to cognitive performance, memory etc.

Could you suggest some topics for operations research projects?


What does research mean in science?

Research literally means 'to search again' and that suggests the process is iterative. We start our research by first studying the work, methodology, and results of previous investigators. [Much library study involved.]This will suggest whether the hypothesis being investigated is novel or not, and which nooks and crannies deserve further or new attention. And may even suggest where previous results or beliefs are incorrect.

Why does abulia occur?

Some research suggests that abulia occurs due to malfunction of the brain's dopamine-dependent circuitry.

What is the verb for suggestion?

The verb of suggestion is suggest.Other verbs are suggests, suggesting and suggested.Some example sentences are:"I suggest an idea to the group"."He suggests we try something else"."I am suggesting that you listen"."He suggested it, not me".

What are some good claim sentence starters?

Some good claim sentence starters include: "It is evident that...", "Research suggests that...", "It can be argued that...", or "Studies have shown that...".

What does it mean when people say 'and then some'?

It means that they are understating the case. "I told him he was an idiot . . . and then some." suggests that the speaker was more abusive than "telling him he was an idiot" would suggest.

What research has been done on betaine hydrochloride?

Some research suggests that individuals with a wide variety of chronic disorders, such as allergies, asthma , and gallstones , do not produce adequate amounts of stomach acid.

What are some good French research project topics?

Wikipedia has many suggestions on good french research topics but may i suggest a biography on Napoleon Bonaparte

Should you use suggests or suggest?

If it is plural use suggest. If it is singular use suggests.

What does piggy suggest that Ralph ignores?

He suggests that him and ralph join jacks group.

How does the passage suggest that a crocodile does not toy with its food?

It suggests that it does not like to be laughed at by prey