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True!- Without a control group you have nothing to compare your experimental data with... so you cannot prove anything.

An example:

If you wish to test if a mutant plant grows better than a wildtype plant. You couldn't just grow the mutant plant and say it's better or worse than the wildtype if you haven't grown the wildtype plant aswell.

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Q: Is it true or false a control group must be present in an experiment?
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True or false. the control subject of an experiment be exposed to all variables?

False. The control subject (Or control group) should be kept isolated from the variables of the experiment. This group will detemine if changing a variable is better or worse than not changing the variable.

What is a control group in a science experiment?

A control group is the unaffected group in a science experiment.

Why is is it important that an experiment include a control group?

a control group assures that an experiment will be repeatable

What is the purpose of the control group?

The purpose of a control group is to show what would happen under normal conditions. It serves as a comparison to the results you receive from the manipulation of the independent variable on the dependent variable. If a control group is present in an experiment, one can be more certain that the independent variable is really responsible for the observations.

What is a control or control group?

the group that does not change in the experiment VIVI :)

What is the difference between a control group and a control?

A test group is the group in an experiment to which the change is being applied and the control group is the same type of group in an experiment to which nothing is done to compare the changes in the test group to.

What does a control group have to do with the independent variable?

the answer to that question is the control group has nothing to do with the independent variable because a control group is some thing in your experiment that has not changed through out your experiment. And a independent variable is some thing in your experiment that you change through your experiment(s)

Why is it important to control an experiment?

The control experiment allows a standard of comparison for the experimental group

What is the comparison group in a controlled experiment?

control group

What do you call something you experiment on?

Control and Experiment group is what you would normally have in an experiment

What is the control group in a basketball shooting percentage experiment?

what is the control group in basketball

In an experiment a group that is identical to a control group except for one factor and that is compared with the control group?

a controlled experiment is an experiment that tests only one factor at a time by using a control group and experimental group