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The Drager Interlock is a money maker. Pure and simple. The promotion of the device as something that will educate proper and safe driving habits is a fair claim if only the results it provided were accurate and concise in relation to the habits of the driver.

A minimum fee of $130 is required to install the device and another $130 to remove the device, a process which takes no more than 20 minutes. A monthly download and calibration service is enforced (if you do not take your vehicle to a service agent within the monthly time frame your vehicle will go into "lockout" mode and your vehicle will not start. You will then have to either have your vehicle towed to one of the service agents to perform the said service at your expense or if you require them to come to you, the fee is a minimum of $100 regardless of the distance of the car from the service agent) which is another $130 per visit, a process that takes literally less than one minute.

Administration of the device seems primarily not to educate drivers in relation to drink driving but to create another avenue for revenue much like speed cameras.

Similar to a lot of consumer products on our shelves today it is incomplete technology. The device is known to react sometimes for no apparent reason, whether you have consumed something or not. Apart from the obvious triggers such as alcohol, mouth wash etc the device can record a positive result from preservatives! Something that is ever increasing in our foods. The same can happen if you have certain breads and Pizza bases etc from take away venues. Aftershave and perfumes do not even have to be on yourselfto trigger this device into providing a positive reading.

Then there is the issue of servicing and maintaining your vehicle. By law you are not allowed to remove it personally and even licensed mechanics have to operate within certain guidelines and time constraints. Not all mechanics will happily work on a vehicle with an interlock installed and add to that, not all Drager service agents are mechanics.

Any reading for whatever reason has to be explained to the judge in order for you to be granted a court order to have the device removed.

Consider the points above as you will, this is not a malicious rant but legitimate points which have not only been supported by staff at the clerical desk of a magistrates court, drink driving educators but also members of the state police. They are all aware of the problems and inconsistencies with such a device.

Hopefully reading this is enough of a deterrent to prevent you from ending up convincted of a drink driving offense. It is certainly a much cheaper alternative.

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Q: Is the draeger interlock totally efficient?
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