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Q: Powerful shoulder abductor used to raise the arm overhead?
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Powerful shoulder abductor used to raise the arm over head?


When you raise your shoulder you?


What are the symptoms of shoulder burstitis?

The symptoms of shoulder burstitis include pain when you move your shoulder or raise your arm over your head, decreased movement of your arm and shoulder, redness or swelling, etc.

What is the record for the female strict shoulder press?

Several men have performed a standing barbell shoulder press with over 500 pounds. But as of yet, no one has ever done over 525. My guess is that human capablility will never reach a 600 pound shoulder press until great breakthroughs are made in joint and ligament support and repair. That's just too much weight for human limbs to raise overhead.......

Is overhead a preposition?

It seems to me that overhead is a person, place, or thing, which would make it a noun.Overhead can also be an adjective, as in 'An overheadroad is also called a flyover.', or an adverb, as in 'He held the book overhead when asked to raise the book aloft.'

Which muscle group is primarily worked by the standing lateral raise?

The standing lateral raise primarily works the shoulder muscles.

Five fundamentals of arms and feet?

There are five fundamentals of arms in dance. There are five arm positions. They go in the following order: Raise the arms to a circle in front of the chest, open the arms side ward and blow shoulder level with a graceful curve, raise one arm over head while the other arm remains in the second position, raise one arm in front of the chest in a half circle while one arm remains overhead, and raise both arms over the head in a graceful curve.

Large triangular muscle helps you raise your hand above your head?

This is, if on the shoulder, probably the deltoid.

How do you evolve magickarp in Pokemon platinum?

raise it to lv 20 and it will become powerful!

What is meant by hunched?

To get hunched means to raise one's shoulder and bend the top of a person's body forward.

What are some exercises to strengthen the knees?

There are several different exercises in order to strengthen the knees. Some examples include "Wall slide", "Bent-Leg Raises", "Straight-Leg Raises", "Abductor Raise" or "Hamstring Curls".

Muscle that raises and rotates the arm?

You can find me in the shoulder. I raise and rotate the arm. My name is Deltoid