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Endergonic; if the energy is supplied in the form of heat, endothermic.

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Q: Process requiring energy are termed what?
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What is the process called requiring energy?


Is passive transport a non energy requiring process?

Yes; the definition of passive is no energy required

Is an osmosis an energy-requiring process?

Osmosis and diffusion both require kinetic energy. Neither process uses energy, just a presence of energy, that is why heating water allows particles to move into homeostatic balance more quickly. There is a higher amount of kinetic energy in hot liquid. To answer your question though osmosis can occur without energy.

What is active phase of respiration?

inspirationInpiration involves contraction of muscles. This is an energy requiring process

What is an example of energy coupling?

A system or reaction sequence in which energy from an energy-releasing process is used to drive an energy requiring process.

What are Processes requiring energy called?

When the process that requires energy results in a displacement in the direction of a force, the process is known as work. Work is the product of force and distance.

What is the term for energy requiring metabolic process that builds larger molecules from a combination of smaller ones?

Anabolism is the constructive process of metabolism. Opposed to catabolism.

Active transport requires what?

Energy-requiring process by which substances move across the plasma membrane against a concentration gradient.

What is the name of the organelle involved in the oxygen requiring process by which the energy in the macromolecules is stored in ATP?

That would be the 'mitochondria'...

Chronic kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant is termed?


How do anerobes manage to produce energy without oxygen?

Glycolysis. This process releases energy (in the form of ATP) without requiring oxygen. It isn't, however, very efficient.

The energy-requiring process that moves molecules and ions across a cell membrane against a concentration difference is called?

Active transportation