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We shouldnt go on a saturday

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Q: Should kids go to school on Saturday?
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Do kids have to go to school on their birthday?

yes they always do unless they have big plans or if on a Saturday or Sunday.

Why do kids have to go to school when it snows?

Kids should not go to scholl on school days because of the dangers that can happen to your kid

Should all kids go to school?

They need to go to school for education to be somebody By Me

No kids should not go to school?

Correct, all children should go to school (barring exceptional circumstances).

Should special needs kids go to their local school districts?

I don't believe they should even go to school.

Should kids have school on Monday-Saturday?

I don't think so. We need to be able to make money for our jobs, school finances would go down, and it puts stress on us students. We only get Sunday off if this happens, and it would be just too stressful, less money on our jobs and schools, and all of us kids want nothing but more days off of school, right? Oh, another reason is Saturday is a religious day for Muslims, Jews, and seventh-day Sabbatarianist Christians. Our holy religious day is our day of rest, and we shouldn't be stressed out.

A sentence with the word preamble?

I preamble for the kids should not go to school

Do kids go to school?

Yes, most kids go to school.

Should middle school kids go home for lunch?

yes they should because then they can relax

Do kids go to school in Mali?

yes kids in mali do go to school.

How do i explain why there shouldn't be Saturday school?

you do not go to school on saturday because you definitely need a break from school atleast 2 days and after school days.

Do you have to go to school on Saturday in Korea?

No they do not. They have to only go to school for 5 days a week.