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. No because kids need time to well, be kids! I'm not saying kids should not learn but if they sit around in class yearound they will get bored and not pay attention. And lets face it , do teachers even have enough things to teach, what are teachers going to teach all that time? Also, think about the teachers, don't teachers have families or pets to be with?!

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Q: Should the school year be extended to year round?
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Should there not be year round school?

I think there shouldn't be year-round school.

Should you have school year round?

No, it should have at least 150 days of school before Summer.

How do you get the money for school year round?

how do you get money for school year round

Why should there not be year round school?

No one that went to school could go on holiday ever if it was like that

Can you give me a summary for year round school?

One of the pro's of year round school is you'll gain more knowledge by staying in school longer.One of the con's for year round school is there will be more drop out-rates.

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Was school year round in colonial times?


Does year round schools have school on presidents day?

Most year round schools do not have school on presidents day, altough I have heard of a few who do. Check the school itself.

Is it better to have year-round school?

My theory would be to not have school year round. My reason being that Kids in school need time for their minds to rest and develop all of the knowledge they've gained. Sure, their can be options for summer school so they can advance, but they shouldn't be forced to. Because all that is doing is making them hate school and they will not want to go to college. So should Kids be forced to go to school year round, I say not.

Is school year round in Brazil?

Yes they go all year round 7 days a week.

Does china have year round school?

Yes they go to school all year and have a few vacations!

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