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Rubbing alcohol.

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rubbing alcohol

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Q: Solvent that is able to remove grass stains?
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What solvent is able to remove grass stains?

A mixture of equal parts vinegar and water can be effective in removing grass stains from clothing. Pre-treating the stain with a detergent or stain remover before washing can also help to lift the grass stain. Additionally, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide can be used as a stain remover for grass stains.

Can water be used to remove stains of permanent markers?

Water is not able to remove permanent markers - a special solvent would need to be used.

What is solvent wax?

Solvent wax refers to solvents that remove wax. The solvent is able to dissolve, or get rid of, the wax.

How is detergent able to remove stains from clothes?

the bubbles in the detergent are soap. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- generally a chemical reaction with water and force (spin) will cause stains to disolve - jenright2011

What chemicals remove silicone from wood?

If you wish to remove silicone from wood, you should be able to just peel it off. It does not require a solvent. However, if you do need a solvent, I recommend vinegar.

To remove blood stains a cotton ball wet with hydrogen peroxide is rubbed Explain how hydrogen peroxide is able to remove blood stains?

Hydrogen Peroxide is like bleach. It turns it white, even if you don't want it too!!!!

Can regular washing detergent remove grease stains?

Grease are not easy to remove. They are generally with very high specific gravity and makes deep penetration into any fabric it comes in contact. Hence any ordinary agent will not be able to remove its stains. Grease stain removal are made easy with products which are especially made for freeing stubborn stains.

Which solvent is able to solvent Polypropylene?


How can you remove brown and yellowish stains from a salt water pool with auto fill?

First, find out what the stains are. Iron staining? Stain from using Morton System Saver salt pellets? Algae? Your pool service man should be able to tell you. Then take the appropriate action to remove - ask your local pool shop or pool service person.

How do you identify brownish stains on stored sheets towels?

You may not always be able to identify brownish stains on stored sheets or towels. They may be from mold or mildew, or they may be blood or even feces. It's best to wash the linens to remove the stains before using them.

Does hairspray remove pen mark stains?

Hairspray may be able to help remove pen mark stains from clothing or fabric. Spray the hairspray directly onto the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then blot the area with a clean cloth. Repeat the process if necessary, and wash the item as usual.

How do you get rid of cosmetics stains?

Cosmetics stains are very hard to remove. I had a bottle of concealer spill on my bathroom floor and I was never able to have it removed. You can try scrubbing the area with baking soda, baking soda is great for everything.