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The other product of photosynthesis is glucose. It is not a by-product, as it is the reason for photosynthesis.

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Q: The byproducts of photosynthesis are oxygen which is released into the air and a molecule called what which is a type of sugar?
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What products and byproducts does photosynthesis include?

photosynthesis includes bifonctionalproductional 12%,aristatomone 20%,the claristaone (Hoce3)46%,trictionalistozonolistore(called tristi in simplified words or H4oerc5)21%,and last of all that is just a little trace of Co2 1%.

What pigment is released when a hemoglobin molecule is broken apart?

When a hemoglobin molecule is broken apart, the iron pigment is released. This is what is called the -"heme" part of the molecule.

What is the number of carbon atoms involved in the photosynthesis chemical equation called?

If you think to carbon dioxide the molecule CO2 has 1 carbon atom.

What molecule is split during the light reactions of photosynthesis of release oxygen?

Water is split during light reactions to release oxygen.

What supplies the process during the initial process of photosynthesis that drives ATP synthesis?


How is the sunlight converted into the energy in food?

The process used by plants and some other beings is called photosynthesis. Basically, plants have a special molecule (clorophyl) that can do this conversion. Check the Wikipedia article on "Photosynthesis" for a more detailed description.

Water is the source of what product of photosynthesis during the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis?

# photosynthesis 2. Water is the source of hydrogenduring the light dependent reaction of photosynthesis. Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere and the hydrogen is transferred to a carrier molecule called NADP, to produce NADPH. The NADPH is then used in the light independent reaction to reduce carbon dioxide to carbohydrate. See my answer to this question on WikiAnswers: What connects the light dependent reaction to the light independent reaction?

Why is there chlorophyll in photosynthesis?

Chlorophyll is necessary in photosynthesis, because: 1. it absorbs the light necessary for photosynthesis mostly the blue and red light but poorly in green light because of electromagnetic spectrm 2. gives the leaves it green color

Who is called Mr Photosynthesis?

george sarkis is called Mr photosynthesis

What is a lobe of a leaf?

The lobe of a leaf is the internal molecule that exists after a process called photosynthesis. It is located inside the stem tissue. It helps a plant in the process of creating sugar.

What happens during synthesis?

Photosynthesis changes the energy of the sun into stored chemical (food) energy in the form of a molecule called glucose, also known as a type of sugar.

Which molecule contains the chemical energy produced during photosynthesis?

During photosynthesis, water, carbon dioxide, and light come together in the cells to create the molecule called glucose. During cellular respiration, the glucose is broken down into 36 to 38 molecules of Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, which is used to provide energy to the organism.