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Physical features of land include such things as plains, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, swamps, etc. Each of these can be developed in different ways. Perhaps you have a farm on the plains, a mine in the hills, a ski resort in the mountains, a fishing industry on the river, etc.

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Q: The diverse physical features of land have immense future possibilities of development Why?
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Which factor most influenced the development of diverse cultures in Colombian south America?

geographic features

How do physiographic region in india complement to each other?

It can be stated that physical features complements the other and makes the country richer in its natural resources. The northern mountains are the major sources of water and forest wealth. The northern plains are the granaries of the country. The plateau is a storehouse of minerals, which has played a crucial role in the industrialization of the country. The coastal region and island groups provide sites for fishing and port activities. Thus, the diverse physical features of the land have immense future possibilities of development.

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Living in a country with a diverse physical geography offers many advantages such as the oppurnity to experience many different types of landscapes and climates. It also gives the people gives intimate relationship with the natural setting. Inhabitants develop characteristics for advantages to their land and a diverse physical geography allows a lot of development.

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physical setting of america

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