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Q: The most recent phylogenetic data suggests that bacteria and archaea may be more closely related than archaea and eukarya true or false?
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How are Archaea more closely related to eukaryotes than to bacteria?

Arche bacteria are much closer to eukaryotes.Bacteria also have some similarities. NO. Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryota. Bacteria are more closely related to the more complex organisms (Eukaryotes). Archaea are now considered in their own domain. The Archaea in plankton are the most abundant organism on the planet.

What basis have biologists determined that Archaea and Bacteria are not closely related?

Their DNA is very different.

Which are more closely related to complex organisms bacteria or archaea explain?

On basis of cladistic analysis higher organisms are more closly related to Archaea .

Are protists more closely related to animals or to bacteria?

Protists are different from any other organisms found in the animal or bacteria kingdom. For this reason, they are seen as heterotrophic or autotrophic by biologists and botanists.

What is the largest group of Archaea?

Like bacteria, Archaea are single-celled organisms lacking nuclei. Most are cocci, bacilli, or spiral forms (although unusual shapes do exist). Unlike bacteria, Archaea lack peptidoglycan in their cell wall. At this point Archaea are not known to cause disease in humans or animals.Members of the kingdom Archaea had been considered to be bacteria until examination of their unique rRNA sequences showed that they are a distinct type of prokaryote. And despite being prokaryotes, Archaea appear to be more closely related to Eukaryotes than to Bacteria.This is the largest group of Archaea. Methanogens derive their name from the fact that methane is one of their metabolic byproducts.The largest group of Archaea is methanogens.

What evidence exists to support the idea that archaea are more closely related to eukaryotes rather than to bacteria?

Archaea and eukaryotes initiate transcription in the same way. The share some ribosomal proteins, and have similar types of tRNA.

Which two organisms on the phylogenetic tree are most closely related?


Is bacteria the same as a microbe?

They are merely definitions, with one of them encompassing the other. A microorganism or microbe is an organism that is microscopic (usually too small to be seen by the naked human eye). Microorganisms include bacteria, fungi, archaea, and protists; microscopic plants (called green algae); and animals such as plankton, the planarian and the amoeba.Therefore, it would be similar to asking is a Pine tree the same thing as a tree?

What are the causes of bacteria?

Bacteria are microscopic organisms whose single cells have neither a membrane-bounded nucleus nor other membrane-bounded organelles like mitochondria and chloroplasts. Another group of microbes, the archaea, meet these criteria but are so different from the bacteria in other ways that they must have had a long, independent evolutionary history since close to the dawn of life. In fact, there is considerable evidence that you are more closely related to the archaea than they are to the bacteria

Is bacteria a part of the animal kingdom?

Amoeba IS an one celled animal. Bacteria is NOT an animal.

Species that are not closely related and that do not share many anatomical similarities can still be placed together on the same phylogenetic tree by comparing their?

Molecular genetics.

What traits do Archaea have that suggest they may be closely related to the first life forms on earth?

Mrs. Cone huh?