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1) friction thats lows things down is called dynamic friction

2) friction that stops things is called static friction

3) most of friction makes heat ( rubbing hands together )

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Q: What are 3 facts about friction?
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What are 10 facts about speed?

Speed skaters use friction and drag.

What are the 3 types of friction and its definition?

static friction,limiting frictionand kinetic friction

What are the three types of friction physics?

1.static friction 2.limiting friction 3.kinetic friction

What the 3 types of friction?

Kinetic, Static, and Rolling Friction

What are types of friction?

There are 2 types of frictions: 1. Rolling friction 2. Static friction 3. Fluid friction

What are facts and frictions?

Ok well, facts are true statements about a topic and friction.... is when 2 objects rub against each other and it seems hard to pull or push but its just FRICTION...weird... and i honestly dont know what frictions mean.. :)

What does all types of frictions do?

Friction act on us every day. Types of Friction: 1) Sliding friction 2) Rolling friction 3) Static friction 4) Fluid friction

What are some facts about friction?

Friction is a force, of resistance, that takes place when two or more objects make contact and when there is movement with one another. Friction keeps your feet on the ground and prevents you from slipping. Fricition is just like gravity.

Examples of the 3 types of friction?

air friction also called air resistance or drag solid friction which is just normal friction and liquid friction like hydro-dynamics

What are the three tpes of friction?

1.static friction 2.rolling friction 3.sliding friction You can believe me because i just learned it in school(grade8)

What are 3 physicalchemical facts about yttyrium?

what are 3 unusual facts about yttrium

Describe the 3 types of friction?

Three types of friction are :1. Kinetic friction :Friction that arises between surfaces in relative motion.2. Static friction :Friction that acts between surfaces at rest with respect to each other3. Rolling friction : Friction that occurs when an object rolls over a surface.3_types_of_friction