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Amoeba. This type of motion is known as "amoeboid motion".

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Q: What are protozoans that use pseudopod to help them move called?
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How do protozoans move'?

Protozoans move with the help Pseudopodia, cilia and flagella. Pseudopodia - Amoeba Cilia - Paramaecium Flagella - Euglena

What are the three ways that animal-like protists move?

three ways protozoans move are cilia, pushing out part of their bodys called pseudopod, and flagella.

What are protozoans that cannot move called?


How are animal-like protists categorized?

Protists that have animal-like characteristics are categorized as protozoans. The protozoan group is further subdivided by the way in which the protozoans move. The categories include sacordinians which move using pseudopod, zooflagellates which move using flagella, ciliaphorans which move using cilia, and sporozoans which form spores.

What are the three structures protozoans use to move?

what Three different cell structures are used for locomotion?

Protozoans that move by extending lobes of cytoplasm are called?


What is a temporary extenstion of cytoplasm and plasma membrane that helps an amoeba move is called?


How do difflugia move?

It is a heterotroph and it engulfs its food

How amoebae move?

An amoeba is a shapeless cell which can extrude a part of itself, which is called a pseudopod (literally, false foot) and then the remainder of the cell can flow into that pseudopod, at which point the amoeba has moved.

Which stuctures allow sarcodines to move?


How do protista move?

how does it move well it moves flagella, cilium, and pseudopod

Do protista move?

how does it move well it moves flagella, cilium, and pseudopod