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The sound waves of irregular vibration in matter is called noise.

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Q: What are sound waves of irregular vibration in matter?
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How are light and sound different?

Different is the speed of propagation. Scroll down to related links and look at "Acoustic or sound waves in air - Radio and light waves in a vacuum".

Explain why cant sound travel through vacuums?

there is no air in a vaccum. and sound needs air for the sound waves to travel through.

How does sound waves travel through a material?

Sound waves travel through a material via VIBRATION. When sound waves hit an object at one end, the object's molecules at that end starts vibrating and during this vibratory motion they transfer their energy to neighboring atoms, hence cause a chain vibration and ultimately the waves reach at the other end.

Why can light travel through space but sound cannot?

sound is produced by vibration, i.e. when any thing start vibration then it produces sound. for example when a tunnig fork is hit on rubber pad its prongs starts vibration with difinit frequency ad hence produce sound. similarly when the strings of a gittar is dirturbed its starts vibration and hence produces sound. sound required a material medium for their journey, sound can not pass through vaccume because sound waves are mechanical waves.

Is a sound a matter?

Sound is, at its basic level, the motion of moving particles. In the quantum mechanical picture, energy of vibration of atoms or molecules is described as phonons. Phonons are a quanta (packet) of energy that can be treated as a particle (matter). At the full level, it is mechanical or material waves that is an oscillation of pressure. In others words, yes and no.

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What is the reflection of sound waves?

The reflection is vibration because sound is equal to vibration

What does sound waves mean?

Sound moves by vibration. It is conducted by the vibration of matter. That vibration oscillates up and down in crests and troughs (hi's and low's). The distance or "wave length" between one crest and the next is a sound wave.

Why can sound energy not travel travel through a vacuum?

Sound waves are a vibration of molecules in the medium through which it passes. A vacuum has no medium, it is void of matter. Thus, no molecules to vibrate, no sound waves.

What is the reflection of waves?

The reflection is vibration because sound is equal to vibration

How sound waves arΓ© produces?

Sound waves are produced due to the vibrations of an object .Sound waves are produced by vibration. Everything on this earth causes some sort of vibration. When something vibrates it produces a sound.

How does light and sound waves travel?


What occurs in the eardrum?

Vibration from sound waves

Do sound waves go through vibrating matter?

Yes but the vibrations will cause phase variations in the waves in the material dependent on frequency of the source and the existing vibration.

Where do sound waves originate?

All sound waves originate from a source that causes the vibration of air particles.

Does matter help sound travel through an empty room?

By definition, matter is required for sound to exist. Sound waves are transferred by vibration of molecules, which is why sound does not exist within the vacuum of space. In space nobody really can hear you scream.

What is the vibration of sound waves on eardrums?

The vibrations caused by sound waves onto your eardrums are pressure compressions and rarefactions.

Why sounds cannot travel in vacuum?

the sound waves are the matter wave, which always require a medium to travel. Because matter waves travel due to vibration in matter or energy transformation via consecutive particles from the source to the destination. Since in vacuum there is no medium via waves as energy can transfer ,so sound can not travel in vacuum.