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Isobars - Measure atmospheric pressure

Isotherms - Measure temperature

Isoheights - Measure elevation

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Q: What are three types of isolines?
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What do isolines measure?

Be fatter

Do isolines ever end?

They do not end

A topographic map is a two-demensional model that uses isolines to represent places of equal?

elevation please go to (isolines aren't on it)

Do isolines ever touch or cross each other?


When gradients increase what happens to distance between isolines?

I assume you may be talking about cliffs and mountains, and isolines referring to lines of equal elevation. Thus when the gradient increases, you are saying you are climbing or moving up a cliff, or hillside. The isolines become closer together, the steeper the incline. If you are climbing a wall, the isolines would be one on top of the other as you ascend, and it would be difficult to view them as separte lines. Hope this answers your question.

When drawing isolines on a map what are the three rules you should always follow?

The lines should never touch, they should only include the correct numbers between them, and they must always close.

What is true of isolines on a weather map?

All isolines, or iso-intensity lines, connect points having equal values. Weather maps generally contain isobars, lines that connect points with equal barometeric pressure

Lines connecting all points at the same elevation on a contour map are called?


What is a weather map line connecting places with equal sunshine?

The answer is ISOHEL

Do isolines tend to make parallel curves?

I think so, yes. I'm pretty sure.

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