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Stunted growth.

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Q: What can stop normal cells from growing?
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What factor can stop normal cells from growing?


Do normal cells stop growing when they come into contact with other cells?

yes, they stop growing. This property of them is called CONTACT INHIBITATION. Cancer cells lose this property.

Normal cells stop growing when they come into contact with other cells?

I don't think so at all.

What happens when normal cells are grown in a dish containing all the requirements necessary?

Normal cells stop growing when they encounter another cell.

How do normal cells know to stop growing?

depends on the genetic code inside the nucleus

Why do normal cell grown in a petri dish tend to stop growing once they have covered the bottom of the dish?

because when cells come in contact with each other the cells stop growing

Does cancer start when cells stop growing and dividing?

everybody is born with cancer cell. No cancer does not start when cells have stoped growing and dividing. it is simply because the cancer cells are getting agrrivated witch makes it start.

Is 17 to young too stop growing?

No, it is about normal.

What happens when cells do not stop growing?

When the cells grow large enough they will split.

What happens when cell come in contact with others cells?

they stop growing

How are cancer cells and contact inhibition connected?

Normal cells stop growing and reproducing once their plasma membrane comes into contact with that of another cell. Cancer cells don't. They continue to grow into other cells, taking over and often destroying the other cells, creating a tumor.

Is it true that radiation destroys fast growing cancer cells more slowly than normal cells?

it is ture