What does clumsy means answer?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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be really crazy

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Q: What does clumsy means answer?
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What means clumsy and starts with a?

a clumsy person.... awkward...

Do integrity means clumsy?

No integrity does not mean clumsy. Clumsy and integrity are completely different words.

Is clumsy a kind of character trait?

yes, clumsy means your nervous too much that you stumble.

What dose clumsy mean?

Clumsy means- not gracefully- without skills- always tripping into things- always tipping overFor Example: It's a bad idea to have Goofy as a waiter because he is clumsy.

What bird name means clumsy?


What names mean clumsy?

Other names for clumsy are awkward, uncoordinated, ungainly, graceless, and inelegant. Clumsy means lacking social skills and graces, or done in an awkward manner.

What is a five letter word that means clumsy?


What is elephantine?

Elephantine means huge,ponderous;or clumsy.

What does okward mean?

awkward means clumsy and weird

Which bird's name means clumsy?

Loon. Loon comes from the Scandinavian word 'lom' which means clumsy. The loon looks very awkward on land although they are good swimmers.

What is definition of hapless?

Unfortunate, unlucky.Becoming more common is someone that is clumsy or uncoordinated

What is a five letter word that means fat and clumsy?

You could try the word "bulky" which can mean "awkwardly large; big and clumsy".