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The gas making the popping noise is hydrogen.

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Q: What gas makes a popping noise when you light it?
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How can you test for the presence of hydrogen gas?

You can test the presence of hydrogen gas by using a burning splint and if the gas makes a "popping" noise

What gas makes a popping sound?


What will happen putting a splint with a flame into a tube of hydrogen gas?

it will make a popping noise.

Why is a popping noise made when hydrogen is exposed to a flame?

Noise is a release of energy, created by the combustion of the hydrogen gas with oxygen to form water. Also, note that a flash of light is similar to this, also being a release of energy.

When take foot off the gas the muffler make a popping noise?

Get a tune up....the popping noise is caused by excess fuel being burned in the exhaust system,you cant hear it until you take your foot off the gas and the back pressure is reduced...

Why do you get a popping sound when you light the gas produced by hydrochloric acid and magnesium?

We hear a popping sound because of the presence of hydrogen gas and hydrogen gas burns completely when exposed to fire.

How could you find out if a colorless gas is CO2 or hydrogen?

Use a flame test - light a match and hold it in the gas source. If the flame dies, it's CO2, and if it makes a popping sound, it's Hydrogen.

1998 Lincoln Navigator when you accelerate on gas it makes a howling noise?

no it does not

What makes a rattle noise only when your driving and when you press the gas?

This be a wide range of things does it make the noise when the vehicle is in park and you rev up the engine ? It could be a heat shield on the exhaust system. it does not make the noise if it is just idling....but if you press the gas it makes a noise and when ur driving it makes noise. But I had to put a flang where the header conects to the exaust cuz it was leaking and i thought that was where the noise was comin from but its still makin the noise.

Why does baking soda and vinegar make a sizzling noise?

The noise is just the reaction of the vinegar and baking soda taking place. Second opinion: It's hard to argue with that answer, but it might help to add a couple of things. Vinegar and baking soda react to make sodium acetate, water, and CO2 gas. The CO2 bubbles are continually forming and popping. Those little guys are pretty tiny, but when lots of them are popping at once, it makes some noise. That noise is the fizzing, or sizzling you hear.

Does popping your fingers cause arthritis?

no it is just gas bubbles popping

What happens when a horse farts?

it just does. makes a noise. doesnt make a noise. it has to release the gas somehow or it will die. LOL.

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