What is Low Stress Grinding?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Low stress grinding is a process in which materials are ground in a non abusive manner. Special refined grinding equipment is utilized. The process takes place with equipment using highly accurate temperature controlled hydrostatic bearings. Low stress grinding would be an effective method for producing aerospace bearing surfaces as well as precision gaging and fixtures.

Advantages of Low Stress Grinding

  • Cutting forces are very small due to a small, accurately controlled depth of cut. Very low stress is introduced into the work piece.
  • Quality components are produced with typical surface roughness less than 5 microfiche.
  • Sizes and dimensions can be held to much closer tolerance than conventional machining or grinding processes because of the accuracy of the hydrostatic bearing spindle.
  • Very good quality and excellent repeatability of surface finish on good quality steel alloys, carbide ,ceramics and exotic coatings.
  • Produces very accurate surface geometry. Roundness can be maintained within .000010".
  • Capabilities on ID, OD and flat surfaces.

  • Master gears for use in

    automotive gear production

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Q: What is Low Stress Grinding?
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