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when recovering metals from ores

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Q: What is an example of bioremediation?
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What is an example sentence using the word bioremediation?

Bioremediation is using a species to clean up a specific area.

Example of bioremediation?

Bioremediation is defined as the use of microorganisms or other life to break down environmental pollutants. One example is the use of oyster mushrooms to clean up oil spills.

What is in situ petroleum bioremediation?

Bioremediation of petroleum is not effected by amount of oxygen present

What is uranium bioremediation?

Uranium bioremediation is the process of cleaning soils and waters contaminated with uranium.

Is bioremediation safe?

yes, bioremediation is very safe because it used bacteria to clean up contaminated environments.

What has the author Alexander C Mason written?

Alexander C. Mason has written: 'Bioremediation' -- subject(s): Bioremediation

How could bioremediation affect the way companies dispose of toxic wastes?

so hows everyone here in this website bioremediation

What has the author John T Cookson written?

John T. Cookson has written: 'Bioremediation Engineering' -- subject(s): Bioremediation

How can you get some bioremediation?

That is a very complicated questions because bioremediation has so many different meaning. For example, BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment is a form of bioremediation. They add microbes to an oil spill along with an enhancer to speed up the cleaning process. Some companies just add microbes and call that bioremediation, some just add a fertilizer (which can cause algae to bloom, which isn't good). So I would look up BioWorld's Hydrocarbon treatment! Look up their website.

How can bioremediation be harmful?

it can affect farmers land :)

What is the microorganism found in curd?

Bioremediation microbes

What is bioremidation?

The correct spelling is bioremediation and not bioremediation. Bioremediation is using deliberately introduced or naturally occurring microorganisms to break down environmental pollutants. Other forms of life can be used to consume the pollutants as well. The process cleans up a polluted area.

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