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i not understand and what mean contributory? my father death.

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Q: What is contributory observation?
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Is Pennsylvania a contributory or comparative negligent state?


How do you use contributory in a sentence?

A more commonly used word is non-contributory. "John's suggestions were quite helpful, but Mary's suggestions were non-contributory". I suppose you could use contributory the same way: "John's suggestions were contributory, but Mary's suggestions were not helpful at all."

Is Medicare a contributory or noncontributory program?

Medicaid, would be a non-contributory program. That is because people can't afford it, just like food stamps. Medicare is a contributory program.

What has the author Karsten Kragh written?

Karsten Kragh has written: 'Contributory negligence' -- subject(s): Contributory Negligence

What does contributory negligence mean in a civil case?

Contributory negligence in a civil case is a familiar term used in many vehicle accident cases. Who is at fault plays a major role in contributory negligence during a civil case.

What is contributory negligence?

Contributory negligence: In relation to claims for negligently caused personal injury and death, contributory negligence is failure by a person (typically the plaintiff) to take reasonable care for his or her own safety, which contributes to the harm the person suffers.

Is Kentucky a contributory negligence state?

Yes it is.

What states are pure contributory negligence states?


What is the meaning of contributory negligence?

Contributory negligence is a rule of law that has been largely abolished in the U.S., as it deemed that a plaintiff who was even partially at fault for the incident, due to his own negligence, could not recover any damages from the defendant, who supposedly caused the incident. Contributory negligence refers to some amount of negligence on the part of the plaintiff, without which the incident would not have occurred. To explore this concept, consider the following contributory negligence definition.

What were the contributory factors that brought the age of discoveries and exploration?

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How do you know the balance in contributory pension scheme?

Cps slips

How are civil engineers contributory in a software company?

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