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The flexibility of a material is known as pliability. The opposite of this is stiffness, or the resistance to outside applied forces.

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Q: What is flexibility of a material measured in?
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What are two ways to measure flexibility?

flexibility is measured by the range of motion and the range of motion and the range of movements is measured by using a goniometer.....

How is hazardous material measured at construction site?

Hazardous materials are measured by weight or volume, depending on which material is being measured.

What is the material measured in liters in engine?

It is not material, it is the volume of all the combustion cylinders.

What is the material that measured of CPU speed?


How is lower back flexibility measured?

3 times 2 = 6To measure your lower-back flexibility, sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and slightly spread apart.

Classify this property as intensive or extensive.?

Texture is an intensive property, because the texture of a material does not change dependent on the amount of the material that is measured.

What is the meaning of flexibility in properties of matter?

Elasticity is that property which gives the details of the extent to which the material becomes flexible.

Difference between isotropic and anistropic material?

An isotropic material has properties which are independent of the direction in which they are measured whereas in an anisotropic material the properties do depend on the direction .

What is the function of the organic material in bone?

The bone matrix is made of 35% organic material and 65% inorganic materials. The organic material gives bone flexibility & strength.

What is a property of a materials that can be measured without changing the identity of the material?

what property of matter has a characteristic that can be measured or observed without changing it idenity

What material makes the cell wall very strong while remaining flexibility?

cell membrane and cell wall.

What is the measure of how difficult it is for charges to flow through a material?

Resistance, measured in Ohms.