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by the negative force and the positive force

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Q: What is the difference between effort force and resistance force?
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Class levers have the resistance force between the effort force and the fulcrum?

Class 2.

Ratio of resistance force to effort force?

resistance force

What is the ration to resistance force to effort force?

The effort required would be proportional to the resistance.

The ratio of resistance force to effort force?

The ratio of resistance force to effort force is a mechanical advantage.

What is the distance between effort force and Resistance force?

When you multiply you x virable and you y virable that's your answer

What does effort forces mean?

The effort force is the force that is applied to an object that causes it to move. The object reciprocates with a resistance force. If the effort force is greater than the resistance force, the object moves.

What is the Definition of resistance force?

Resistance force is the force which an effort force must overcome in order to do work.

What is the force that opposes the effort force called?

The resistance force

The ratio of resistance force to effort force.?

1 (one).

What is the resistance force when a wedge of an axle splits a log?

The resistance force is the log. It trys to stop the wedge of the axe. The effort force of the swinging axe helps it break through the log, breaking through its resistance.

What is the formula to find resistance force?

Work force plus effort force

What is the fulcrum between effort and resistance?

a 1st class lever there are 3 types of levers, 1st 2nd and 3rd class. 1st: fulcrum between effort and resistance 2nd:resistance between fulcrum and effort 3rd: effort between fulcrum and resistance Fulcrum = a pivot point on a lever. Effort = force applied on lever Resistance = load 1st example:see-saw/scissors 2nd example:wheelbarrow/car door 3rd example:someone raking/ hockey stick being usued