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An aldose is also called the aldosugar and has a functional group of an aldehyde group. Examples are glucose and glyceraldehyde. While a ketose is also called the ketosugar and has a functional group of of a keto group. Examples are fructose and dihydroxyacetone.

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aldose (C=O) is located at one END of the carbohydrate sugar forming an aldehyde group.

ketose (C=O) is located at the INTERNAL position of the carbohydrate sugar forming a ketone group.

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Q: What is the difference between ketose and aldose?
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Tests to differentiate between an aldose and ketose?

selawinoff's test

Is xylose aldose or ketose?

Aldose because it has a six members ring

What group of carbohydrates react positively in Seliwanoff's test?

Sugars, the test distinguishes between aldose and ketose sugars; the test shows positive for ketose sugars.

Is glucose an aldose ketose or pentose?

hexose, it is a 6 carbon sugar.

What are an aldose ketose pair?

example Dihydroxyacetone (ketone) and D-glyceraldehyde ( aldoste)

Why the majority said that sucrose is a ketose sugar?

The majority would be incorrect. Sucrose is not considered an aldose or a ketose, because it is a disaccharide made from glucose (an aldose) and fructose (a ketose). So, it has both properties within its structure. It is a non-reducing sugar.It is possible that many say sucrose is a ketose because sucrose will fail the Benedict's test, which is designed to detect aldoses.

How do you distinguish glucose and fructose?

Glucose is an aldose whereas fructose in a ketose. There is a simple qualitative test for distinguishing between D-Glucose and D-Fructose.

Can you name one or two monosaccharides made by plants?

Glucose and fructose are monosaccharides made by plants. Glucose is a simple aldose, fructose is a ketose.

Is xylose a reducing sugar?

Ribose: Ribose is an Aldopentose sugar, and all aldose sugars are reducing sugars. The non-reducing sugars are ketose sugars which contain a ketone functional group. For ex: Ketose = Sucrose. For ex: Aldose = Glucose, Fructose, Lactose

Why do fructose and galactose have different names when they have the same atoms and the numbers are the same?

The difference is actually in their structures. Galactose is an aldose wiith formyl functional group and belongs ti aldehydes. Whereas fructose is ketose and belongs to ketones.

Is galactose a pentose or hexose?

aldose: Any of a class of monosaccharide sugars containing an aldehyde group. Look up the molecular structure or galactose and you will see it has an aldehyde group (COH on the end of the molecule) It is an aldose.

Is maltose a ketose?

Because sucrose is a complex disaccharide, it is not classified as either an aldose or a ketone. Instead, it is a compound that contains both. It can be easily broken down into its component aldose and ketonic molecules, either during digestion in the body, or through exposure to acids such as those present in lemon juice while cooking.Additionally, sucrose will fail tests such as Benedict's test, which are designed to detect aldose molecules present in its makeup. This is because of its unique, closed-chain type of molecular structure.