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Measurement is a process in which we define the quantity of the products which exist, while estimating is a proccess of defining the quantity of the imaginary things. such as we estimate for the cost of production of anything which will be completed(ready) later but we have immagined that it's cost will reach to this figure.

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The length,width and liquid things are measured while counting is other thing,just numbers are counted,not the length,width or liquid things are counted

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Q: What is the difference of counting and measuring?
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What is the difference between counting and measuring?

Measurement is simple but measuring width , length and liquid while counting is simple but counting numbers

What is the medical term meaning process of measuring or counting cells?

Cytometry is the medical term meaning process of measuring or counting cells.

The device used for measuring potential difference is known as?

The potentiometer is the device that is used in the measuring of the potential difference.

What would be used to measure perimeter?

A measuring wheel you just walk it and it does all the counting

What allows scientists to make quantifying observation?

Counting or measuring instruments in a study or experiment.

What is the difference measuring in volts?


quantitative observation of a paper clip?

Measuring or counting the amount of paper clip/s in numerical form.

What do you use a THermocouple for?

measuring temperature difference

What was the applications of galvanometer?

It can be used to form ammeter measuring the current intensity , Voltmeter measuring the potential difference , ohmmeter measuring the resistance.

What is the difference between cm and inches?

The difference between centimeters and inches is that inches is in the standard measuring system and centimeters is part of the metric measuring system.

What is least count and define range of measuring instruments?

Counting one by one Yarak salak Oruspu Dohh

Why can you use the technique of measuring volume as a mean of volume?

It depends on the experiment. In one particular experiment, using the technique of measuring volume as a means of counting will work. Think of measuring volume; a tablespoon of sugar or salt. When measuring the volume of it, we are measuring how much space it takes up. This can also be a means of counting because once the molar mass of each element is accounted for, the number of moles (counting!) can be calculated.