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what is the melting point of ice on top of the Himalayan

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Q: What is the melting point of ice on the top of Himalayan?
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Does ice melting make more water in a cup of water?

If the ice is floating (North Pole), then water levels do NOT rise when the ice melts. If the ice is on land (Alaska, Greenland, Antarctica) then the ice melting will cause sea levels to rise.

Need info on what melts ice faster sand rock salt or kitty litter?

Rock salt will melt ice fastest. Sand and cat litter don't really melt the ice. They are used generally to provide particles for increasing traction on icy surfaces. Sand might prevent new ice from forming on roads. When salt dissolves into liquid water, it depresses the melting point temperature - - when helps the ice melt easier. Sand and cat litter don't dissolve into water, so they cannot have this effect. The only thing that sand and cat litter can do is absorb radiant energy from the surroundings better than ice since they are somewhat darker and less reflective - so they provide some minor assistance to melting the snow, but nowhere near the effect of salt.

What does the melting and boiling point depend on?

In general, the melting and boiling points of substances depends on the strength of the forces holding the molecules or ions together, the intermolecular bonds. For example, sodium chloride is a giant ionic crystal lattice consisting of Na+ and Cl- ions. This structure is very strong due to the attractive forces between the ions, so a lot of energy is required to break the ionic bonds and melt NaCl, hence the melting/boiling point being very high. Conversely, a molecule like methane (CH4) has very little localised charge, it is not polar, and it is a small molecule so the attractive forces between molecules are weak and methane has a low melting and boiling point.

Why does blood bounce on the ice?

Blood does not bounce on ice. When someone bleeds on top of ice, the ice absorbs the blood into itself.

What is melting point of agar?


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When you add salt to ice what happens to the melting point of the ice?

Adding salt to ice decreases its melting point. Adding salt to the top of ice helps melt the ice faster.

What happen to the temperature of ice when add some salt?

The salt does not alter the temperature of the snow, but gets into the structure of the ice crystals, causing the water (ice remember is frozen water and snow is ice) to have a lower freezing point.

Which ice melter works best at melting ice cubes?

The ice melter that works the best at melting ice is heating it...i tried this kinda experiment for a science project by having 3 methods such melting using pellets, @ room temperature, and heating on a stove top...and obviously the method that took effect the fastest was heating on a stove top it took 2 minutes and 46 seconds on the stove top I hope this answer helped u all!!!!!!!!!

Why does the wax not freeze at the top of candle?

The temperature is higher than the melting point of the wax.

What is freezing point equal to?

Yes, provided the environment is at the same pressure. Changing pressure (for instance, on top of a mountain vs. sea level) will change the freezing/ melting/ boiling points. For example, at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees celcius), both liquid water and ice can exist, so it is the melting point of one and the freezing point of the other. Hope that clears things up. Cheers, Dave

Why is there a stream at the top of a mountain?

Because when it snows on top of mountains, the melting ice slowly makes it's way down the mountain through streams and rivers. (That is why it is so cold as well.)

Why there is no change in temperature when freezing and melting of ice into water?

When you add the heat of fusion (also called enthalpy of fusion) to ice at zero degrees centigrade, the energy involved serves to change the form of the material from ice to water, and it does not increase temperature. See link.

What are some properties of halogen?

different Halogens have different properties such as flourine: has an extremely low melting point of the top of my head it's somewhere around -249000 degrees centigrade unlike bromine which has a higher melting point flourine's colour is a green and grey

What is the melting point of gravel?

"Gravel" does not have a melting-point. The rock or rocks from which it is derived does - but you'd need to identify it/ them then look up the specific properies.

If you are standing at the top of the world you are in what mountain range?

The Himalayan Mountain range

Why are Antarctica ice caps melting?

Global warming. The warming oceans are actually melting the feet of the glaciers where they move down onto the ocean floor. This creates ice shelves resting on the top of the water. These shelves then break off to form icebergs, sometimes as big as the island of Manhattan. They aren't melting. In fact, the extent of the sea ice there in the last two years has grown to levels not seen in 35 years. Source: National Snow and Ice Center Data Site. Just another example of global warming not living up to alarmists expectations.

What problem does the melting of polar ice caps cause for Florida's economy?

I went to Disney World years ago. The top of "Space Mountain" was the second highest point in Florida at 187 feet I think. The ice on Greenland was reported December 2012 on CNN to be melting five times faster than predicted. As the sea level rises the lower land levels will be in trouble. Once the sea floods the orange groves, or causes irrigation water to become brackish, Florida's economy will be in trouble.