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The answers vary on this but it can be:


Problem Statement







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The procedure is a detailed, and often lengthy, step-by-step set of directions to recreate the experiment for anyone. The more detailed your procedure is, the better overall validity of your experiment.
The procedure for a science project would be to produce a hypothesis about some observed phenomenon, then devise a means of testing your hypothesis experimentally, and see how the results compare to your hypothesis, which will be either confirmed or disproved, if you have designed your test well enough. Thus, you will learn something. It may or may not be anything important, but it is an exercise in using the scientific method nonetheless.
A procedure is the section of a science project that tells what you did to perform your science project.
A procedure in a science project is what you do in the science project.

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table of contents



chapter I


statement of the problem


objectives of the study

significance of the study

scope and limitations of study

review of related literature

definition of terms


materials and equipment



finding data and result

analysis of data

chapter IV





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The steps in a science project are those of the Scientific Method:

1. State a Question or Idea

2. Research the question or idea

3. Form a hypothesis

4. Build an experiment

5. Test the hypothesis

6. Record/publish the results (in a science project, write a small report)

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The six steps of a science project is state the problem, reaserch,hypothesis,experiment, analyze data, and the conclusion.

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Q: What is the procedure in a science project?
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What is a procedure for a science project?

Read research do hypothesis then your procedure

What does procedure mean science?

procedure- to tell what you did step by step for your project

What is the answer for a procedure for a science project?

Procedure is the steps you take to answer your question or problemm .

How long should a procedure be for a science project?

a procedure should be at least 5-10 steps. according to my science teacher.

What is the scientific method in a science project?

its the (7) steps in a science project problem hypothesis materials procedure observation conclusion report

What is the step by step by step procedure in science fair project?

Each science fair usually makes available information specifying the parameters for a project to be accepted. Contact the organizers.

What are the steps to make a science project?

title purpose results conclusion hypothesis data material procedure

What is a procedure of a science project?

the answer is simpel find a colock and the trun it up side down and tell me what you see...:)

What is is the procedure when doing a science project?

Very important thing when doing a science project is that you pick up a topic which interests you. Make a list of things that you will need to perform your project. Practice couple of times before the main event. Ask some general questions (related to your project) to the audience before and after your demonstration of the project.

Things you need for a science fair project?

Depens on the project,but u need the Title,Question,Hypothesis,Data,Conclusion,Procedure,Materials,and a display of the items. Hope this helped.

Are you supposed to number wuth abc or 123 in your procedures in a science project?

=Originally in science when you are writing down your procedures it is required to use 123 because it could get confusing easily if you start a sentence for your procedure and it starts with a and your procedure letter "number" is a=

How do make a science biome project?

How to make a science Biome Project How to make a science Biome Project