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I believe it is Pavlov


Close, but Pavlov is better associated with classical conditioning while I believe B.F. Skinner is most associated with operant conditioning.

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Q: What scientist is most associated with operant conditioning?
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What is the name of The psychologist most closely associated with the study of operant conditioning?

I'm pretty sure it's B. F. Skinner. Pavlov was more associated with classical conditioning.

Which pychologist is associted with operant conditioning?

A couple of Psychologists are associated with operant conditioning. The most significant one was Skinner. He did experiments with pigeons and cats where the animals would learn to open a latch or press a button in order to get rewarded. He developed the "skinner box" in order to perform such experiments.

What is an advantage of using operant condition in treating undersirable behaviors?

There are a number of benefits of operant conditioning. The most obvious one is in education. As operant conditioning is used to assist learning and the development of some behaviours, it can be used as rewards to encourage good work or punishment to discourage bad work. Another main benefit is in therapeutic work. If someone is alcoholic, for instance, then certain medications can be given that make them feel nauseous when drinking alcohol. This operant conditioning helps to discourage the behaviour of drinking alcohol.

Is potty training considered operant training?

It depends on how the training is done. It could be done using operant conditioning. Most people do it that way. Operant conditioning just means that there are consequences for the dog's actions. When he toilets in the right place he is rewarded to encourage him to toilet in the right place more often in the future. When he toilets in the wrong place he is either corrected or interrupted to decrease the likelihood he will toilet inappropriately in the future.

Who is most associated with classical conditioning?

Ivan Pavlov

The researcher most closely associated with the study of classical conditioning is?


What scientist is most often associated with the theory of evolution?

Charles Darwin

Which scientist is most responsible for the theory of spontaneous generation?

Aristotle, the philosopher and scientist, was most responsible for developing the theory of spontaneous generation. The person perhaps most associated with the theory, however, is Louis Pasteur, who actually disproved the theory.

Which scientist is most often associated with the theory of evolution?

Charles Robert Darwin. Do not forget Alfred Russel Wallace.

Suppose you're using an operant conditioning approach to teach someone how to use a bow and arrow. this operant conditioning approach is called?

Operant conditioning, popularized in psychology by B. F. Skinner, differs from classical Pavlovian conditioning by rewarding certain behavior intermittently. Skinner found that while Pavlov rewarded desired behavior every time, intermettent reward actually generated conditioning that appeared sooner and decayed more slowly than the every time approach. Skinner, a behaviorist, was interested only in the behavior itself and didn't believe there was anything more complex behind these differences. His findings, however, have been used in a variety of settings like the gambling casino slot machine process of generating intermittent small wins to keep the player involved. I doubt that one could create teaching approach to something like archery based on operant conditioning. However, shaping might also be somewhat low level for human archery given a person's ability to mentally construct successful performance and shape his own behavior without external rewards provided by a handler. Behaviorists like Skinner didn't believe that differences between animals and humans existed and would thus probably use shaping, but most researchers accept that humans have higher processes that allows them to learn without conditioning (although we are susceptible to these low level approaches in certain settings.)

How many cars in the UK have air conditioning?

most of the cars nowadays have air conditioning ........

Which of the following is most clearly an operant behavior a blinking B salivating c whining d blushing?

C. Whining