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water has very high intermolecular forces called hydrogen bonding, methane is nearly unaffected by it's neighbor methanes. oxgyen has a high electronegativity value, making the water molecule mostly negative near the oxgyen and positive near the hydrogen atoms. this causes a polar molecule, which are attracted to nearby molecules of water. that's why water has such a high boiling point for being such a small mass molecule. methane has carbon central, four hydrogen's at the "corners". carbon's electronegativity is about 2.6 to hydrogen's 2.1. net the carbon gains these electrons mostly in the covalent bonds, but all four hydrogens become a sort of "positive" zone since they "lose" their bonding electron most of the time to carbon. since all the outer atoms (the hydrogens) for all of the local methane molecules are the same, all this positive charge repels from each other, making for much lower boiling points, little intermolecular attraction. linus pauling won the noble prize in chemistry for his work in this bonding phenomenon.

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Q: What substance has a stronger force of attraction between its particles water or methane?
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An attraction between particles of the SAME substance is called cohesion.

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Forces of attraction have a stronger effect on the behavior of liquid particles.

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Cohesion is the force of attraction between molecules of the same substance which binds the particles together.

The stronger the intermolecular forces in a substance?

The stronger the forces the stronger the attraction between the molecules in the substance. This will tend to increase the temperature of phase changes, melting and boiling points.

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Liquid A because the attraction between the particles in Liquid A are stronger than the particles in Liquid B . Answered By : BCP or CP (Nick Name From School)

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This is sodium.

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Arrange the following substance in increasing order of forces of attraction between the particles- water, sugar and oxygen.

What can infer about the attraction between particles in a substance with a low melting point?

The stronger the intermolecular forces, the higher the boiling point, because more kinetic energy is needed to break these intermolecular forces apart.

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the strength of attraction is proportional to 1/d 3, where d is the distance between dipole

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All substances experience attraction between their particles. These vary in type and strength. If there were no forces they would never form liquids or solids. You could say that the strongest bonds are in the substances with the highest melting points.