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At its melting point, which depends on what it is.

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Q: When a crystal solids is heated it melts at?
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Why does white chocolate melts faster?

White Chocolate melts faster because it has a higher proportion of milk fat solids which when heated liquifies.

What happened when butter is heated?

When butter is heated, it melts and undergoes a process known as clarification, where the milk solids separate from the fat. As it continues to heat, the milk solids may brown and give the butter a nutty flavor. However, if heated for too long, the milk solids can burn and give the butter a burnt or bitter taste.

Why rock is heated forms magma?

The rock melts, just like most other solids do when heated. Magma is to rock as water is to ice.

What are solids that have a repeating crystal pattern?

Solids that have repeating crystal pattern are called Crystalline Solids.

What is the process when sugar is heated?

It melts. When sugar melts, its called caramelization.

How do ionic solids behave in water?

it melts

What happens to soilds when they are heated?

When solids are heated they turn into liquid

Rubber and glass which become softer as they are heated are examples of?

Rubber and glass which become softer as they are heated are examples of crystalline solids

Do solids expand to a much greater extent than gases when heated?

No, gases expand more than solids when heated.

Differentiate between cristaline solids and amorphous solids?

Crystalline particles form a regular repeating pattern, also when a crystalline solid is heated it melts at a specific temperature. Amorphous particles are not arranged in a regular pattern, and when it is heated, it may become softerand softer or change into other substances.

Why do melts migrate upward?

Melts move upward because they are less dense than the solids.

What product is formed when sulfur is heated?

It melts