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when it is in motion

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Q: When is gravity a property of matter?
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What property of matter does gravity act upon?

Mass is the property of matter on which gravity act upon.

What is theory behind gravity?

Gravity is not well understood. It is a property of matter.

What property of matter depends on gravity?


Is specific gravity intensive or extensive property?

The specific gravity is an intensive property because it's independent of amount of matter.

What is the property of matter that is not affected by gravity and is constant?

The property of matter that is not affected by gravity is mass. An object has the same mass regardless of the force of gravity, however it's weight can vary. Weight is the force of gravity acting on the mass of an object.

Does the earths moon have gravity?

Yes, the moon has gravity. In fact, all matter has gravity, that is a basic property of matter. Your fingernail has gravity. Not very much, of course, but it does have some.

Is gravity dark matter?

Gravity is not matter (dark or light), it is a property of mass and space that results in forces. Matter and force are entirely different things.

What property of matter gives rise to the force of gravity?

Mass of an object influences the force of gravity on it.

What does denstiy depend on?

Nothing, it is a property of matter. However that said, Gravity can collapse matter making it more dense.

What is the acting of stars having gravity?

gravity is sometimes detemined by mass.everything is a property to be associated with all matter (with mass) in the universe

Can force become gravity?

No. Gravity is a property of matter that produces force. But there's no way a force is going to 'become' gravity, although a constant linear acceleration would be indistinguishable from gravity.

Does gravity cause weight?

No. Fat causes weight.. Gravity is simply used to measure it.answ2. Mass is a property of matter. Mass times acceleration equals weight.Gravity is indeed a property of matter, but doesn't really enter the simple picture of weight.