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There isn't any energy lost when waves interfere destructively, so it technically doesn't "go" anywhere. One wave will be at a high point, but the other will be at a low point and will be essentially acting like "negative energy." Don't think of it like "losing energy," but more like just adding together positive and negative energies to find a value between the two.

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Q: When waves interfere destructively where does the energy go?
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As you go from left to right across the spectrum what happens to the frequency and energy of the waves?

As you go farther right down the spectrum (radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, and gamma rays), the waves' wavelengths decrease as their frequencies decrease. For example, x-rays have a shorter wavelength and higher frequency than ultraviolet light. Radio waves on the left end have the longest wavelength and shortest frequency, while gamma rays on the right end have the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.

Who studies sound?

An audiologist studies the properties of sound.

Is a firefly giving off light a chemical or physical change?

It's not a change at all. It is simply what the firefly does. But it is a result of a chemical change within the firefly. A chemical reaction involves a transfer of energy. In this case, the energy would go into creating light waves from the molecules in the firefly, causing it to glow.

A bungee cord begins to exert an upward force on a falling bungee jumperWhere did all the energy go?

The energy didn't "go" anywhere. It gets its energy from someone letting it go. It all depends on how much force you put on it.

How does energy associated with waves change as wavelength changes?

Using this equation will help you understand what is going on: E=hc/wavelength h and c are constants. As wavelength increases, energy decreases. This is why UV radiation (which has a very small wavelength) has more energy than visible radiation, and this is also why UV radiation causes damage to living things

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What is Phase change recording?

When recording a snare drum with a mic on the top and the bottom, a phenomenon known as phase cancellation can occur. Sound is a wave. A property of waves is that they can interfere with each other destructively and constructively. Imagine the sound waves caused when hitting a snare drum. The waves from the top of the drum will go into the top mic first, then the bottom mic. The waves from the bottom of the drum will go into the bottom mic first then the top mic. Because of the timing of the waves as they arrive at each mic, they will destructively interfere, and many of the frequencies integral to a good snare drum sound will be low in gain (volume). So a good audio engineer will use a phase reversal lead on the bottom mic. This is just like a normal lead, only the positive and negative pins have been reversed, and the phase cancellation will not occur.

What happens if two different waves go through same medium?

I believ they interfere. Either constructive or destructive.

When waves go from one place to another they carry?


Can energy go through water?

Absolutely! Electric energy, kinetic energy, sound waves, light waves, heat ... all kinds of energy travel very well through water.

Which waves can go through a vacuum?

Electromagnetic waves are the only form of energy that does not need a medium for propagation.

What is sound energy or ray?

neither its sound waves that go into your ear

How energy travel?

"ENERGY" travels through WAVES. *Waves is created through disturbance of Matter (the Medium). *Waves carry energy from Particle to Particle of Matter. <credits> *Journel Cabrillos*

Which waves transmit energy and not matter?

Please note that any energy has a mass equivalent (calculated as E / m squared).Other than that, that's basically what all waves do - electromagnetic waves, gravity waves, sound waves, waves on a water surface, and others. The matter doesn't go from one place to another, only the energy gets transmitted.

Why does the radio go out of tune when you are near it?

The human body has natural electromagnetic energy. This can interfere with the radio signal because the body can behave as an antenna for this energy.

Do gamma rays carry the least amount of energy of the EM waves?

No, the most. Remember, as you go from radio waves to gamma rays across the spectrum, the frequency and energy increases.

Transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves?

Yes, yes, go on. What about it ? What is your question ?

What directions does P waves and S waves go?

P waves go side to side. S waves go up and down.