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J.J.Thomson has discovered the electron in 1897

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It was discovered by J.J. Thomson in 1897.

-Ajlan Wasfi Khan

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Q: Who discovered electron and when?
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How discovered electron and how?

Electron discovered by einstein probably that how fool

What subatomic particle was first discovered?

This particle was the electron in 1897 (J.J. Thomson).

Are cells discovered using electron microscopes?

Cell are not discovered using electron microscopes.

What did Thomson discovered?

The electron

Who discovered that electrons were found in the electron cloud?

i have no idea when it was discovered

Which was discovered first proton or electron in which year and by whom?

the electron was first discovered in 1897 by Joseph john Thomson and the proton was discovered in 1913 by ernest Rutherford

What was the year the electron discovered?

The year of the electron discovery is considered 1896.

The electron was discovered by who?

JJ Thomson

What year was electron found out about?

jj Thomson discovered the electron in the early 1900s

What are facts About JJ Thompson?

He discovered the electron

Who discovered the amount of charge on an electron?


When were mass and charge of the electron was discovered?

in 1897